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Grassfed Beef & Lamb | Pasture Raised Pork & Poultry Direct from our Pastures

Quarter Pig Package

ON SALE! Save $50.00
$250.00/ea (In Stock | Estimate 35 lbs)
Sale Quarter Pig Package

Country Sausage Links

$9.00/lb (Estimate 1#/pkg)
Sale Country Sausage Links

Gift Certificate--$25

Sale Gift Certificate--$25

Whole Chicken

$5.00/lb (Estimate 5.5#/pkg)
Sale Whole Chicken

Eighth Beef Package Reservation

$125.00/ea (July 2019 Delivery | Deposit Only)
Sale Eighth Beef Package Reservation

Pork Steak

$9.00/lb (Estimate 1.75#/pkg)
Sale Pork Steak

Chicken Drumsticks

$8.00/lb (Estimate 1.25#/pkg)
Sale  Chicken Drumsticks

Grassfed Sheep Skin, Multi-color

$250.00/ea (NC18)
Sale Grassfed Sheep Skin, Multi-color


$9.00/lb (Estimate 8#/pkg)
Sale Brisket