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Whole Turkey

Whole Turkey

Estimate 9-10#

Available for delivery in December 2019.  Order one of our delicious, truly pasture-raised turkeys.  Beautifully cleaned, frozen, giblets included.  Birds range 9-10#.

The flavor of a truly pasture-raised turkey is unlike any other. The meat is hearty with a texture you’ll love, and the soup stock you’ll get from the leftovers is terrific.

If you have never tried a pasture-raised turkey, now is the time!  Pasture-raised means these birds roam freely on actively growing grass, also known as pasture.  Industry standards for terms such as free-range and cage-free fall way short of what WE feel is a healthy, sustainable environment for a live bird.  The birds are offered all the grain they would like in a day and can forage and graze in their paddock too. When one paddock is mowed down we move them to a fresh paddock, so the previous one can rest and regrow and the sun can kill off any parasites. We move them through multiple paddocks this way all summer long, so our turkeys are always grazing on green paddocks full of lush grasses and interesting insect treats.

Our birds are certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture which means they were butchered in a clean and inspected facility.  We do the butchering ourselves, so the treatment of the birds and the quality of the processing is under our scrutiny at all times.