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Whole Chicken, Small

Whole Chicken, Small

Estimate 2.5#/pkg

One whole TRULY pasture-raised chicken.  Ready to roast up, grill up, or cut up.  This meat has a great texture and tastes like chickens are supposed to taste.  Our Small Whole Chickens weigh 3 lb. or less.  Bone-in, giblets included.

Beyond free range, beyond cage free, there exists a more natural chicken habitat, and that is pasture raised!  Our birds live most of their lives on pasture, moving to a fresh piece of ground on a daily basis.  They are fed a locally milled, non-GMO blend of grains, and they can serve themselves from our banquet of diverse pasture grasses.  Real chickens doing real chicken things.  See our protocols for more details about how we raise our animals.  

What should you do with a whole chicken?  Here's a very delicious answer.  Get the recipe--> Never Fail Whole Roasted Chicken