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Grassfed Sheep Skin, All White

Grassfed Sheep Skin, All White

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Our Grassfed sheep hides make a beautiful, heirloom gift that will last for years.  Great for a baby's throw rug or a cozy chair back cover.  We raise our sheep to have gorgeous fleeces specifically for their unique colors and soft, cozy texture.  You will want to dive in!

Each hide varies in size and texture.  Minimum 3 inch wool length and approximately 18 x 30 inches.  

We raise our sheep without the use of chemical wormers, hormones, or by feeding antibiotics, and we manage our pastures without using herbicides or pesticides. Our animals help to regenerate the health of the land, and they benefit from the diverse grazing and low-stress environment we foster.   Bring the health of our eco-system to your home.