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Eighth Pig Reservation | July

Eighth Pig Reservation | July

Deposit Only | Estimate 21 lbs. | .85 cu. ft space

What's included in an eighth pig?

Weights and quantities vary somewhat based on the weight of each animal, a portion typically includes:

    2 lbs. bacon
    4 pork chops (2 per package)
    2 pork steaks (2 per package)
    3 lbs. ground pork or sausage
    1 shoulder roast (~ 3-4 lbs.)
    1 leg roast  (~3-4 lbs.)

Freezer space: .85 cubic foot of space to fit in your freezer. Picture a full brown paper grocery sack.

Note: When you place your deposit, our website will show an added shipping fee. We will not charge that fee to you when we process your card.  This item qualifies for free shipping.

Pig Life


Our pigs live out doors in the sun and the shade. They run, root, wallow, and lounge to their hearts' content. We feed a locally milled, non-GMO grain mixture, they devour the excess from our farm garden during the summer months, and the pigs can eat whatever they turn up in our diverse pastures and woodlands. 

Berkshires are the best!

We raise Berkshire pork because it is incredibly juicy and has a fantastic flavor. It has gained a reputation as being the Kobe Beef of pork, which is to say that it marbles well and is very tender.  The flavor of our pork is unlike what you find in stores. See our protocols for details about how we raise our animals.

Price Estimate

   Deposit ($25) Due Now

+ Balance (estimate $127) Due at pickup


Grand Total $152 (varies based on animal weight and pickup location)

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.  After your chosen butcher date, we will bill you for your portion of meat minus your pre-paid deposit.

Billing Details:

Butchers typically charge for their services based on the hanging weight, which is the weight of the animal after slaughter but before packaging. Cutting and packaging the meat reduces the weight by approximately 15%.

You will be billed at a rate of $8.09/lb. on the hanging weight of your portion. This includes the basic cut/wrap fees from the butcher. Cured and smoked meat will add $1.50/lb. to your total bill.  Delivery fees for each pickup location will vary.  

Example Invoice:

25 lbs. of hanging weight @ $8.09/lb.  

+  $3   2 lbs. of smoke/cure as for bacon and ham @ $1.50/lb.

+  $5 
 Delivery Fee 25 lbs. @ $0.20/lb. (varies by pickup location)
   Grand Total - $25 pre-paid deposit = Balance Due of $186

You take home about 21.5 lbs. of packaged meats.
$210/21.5 lbs.
of cuts = $9.77/lb. of meat in your freezer.